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Who’s the Boss?

Everyone seems to be complaining that there is no leadership in America. I think there’s plenty of leadership, but they are leading ignorantly.

I am reminded of the ancient story of the blind men and the elephant. These “sight-challenged” men are touching and feeling the elephant, expressing their opinions as to what the elephant is: “It’s like a tree trunk (legs).” “It’s like a big leaf on a tree (ears).” Each asserts one mere view dogmatically, to the exclusion of all other opinions.

In contemporary philosophical terms, they take a partial-truth, a theory, or hypothesis, a party-line and treat it as the Complete Truth, the Totality of Knowledge. This is an intellectual misstep. This is arrogance. This is what an ancient biblical prophet called idolatry.  

We need some spiritual health here. There is no mere person, no party, no one religion, no one religious leader, no one government, no one corporation, no one scientist– there is NO ONE– who knows everything!

The beauty of our democratic system is that it brings all the blind people together with their separate opinions. Combining viewpoints, we approach a much clearer, cleaner, more complete view of the elephant. This is how we settled the once-debated “superiority” of whites over blacks. This is how we will settle today’s debate over bathroom genders.

If we do our job to humbly search for the Truth, working together as one people, we can be assured that Life (and history) will be on our side. We will be a spiritually healthy and stronger nation.

No one is the boss in America. We need to stop looking to the President to be the boss, or the Congress. There is not one political, religious, or philosophical, viewpoint, theist or atheist, which is right!

We are all ignorant.

So, yes!  There is common ground in America!

Mike Shevack teaches Business Spirituality. He’s an ordained rabbi, the author of 5 books, including The Six Fix, Spiritual Healthcare for a Stronger America. Visit:  mikeshevack.com.


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