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The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism seeks to help every human being experience Good.  And “God” is a contraction of the word “Good”! These times, perhaps more than ever, we need goodness.  We also need a new era of enlightened spiritual leadership.

The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism is devoted to the education and inspiration of the next generation of spiritual leaders, both clergy and lay.  The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism is also devoted to the intellectual, creative, and purposeful revival of the synagogue as a vibrant, meaningful, spiritual center.

We seek to:

Heal today’s challenges caused by ignorance, arrogance and contemporary idolatry.

Build a solid Principle-based bridge, to help unify the Jewish People and release our full-force as a Light Unto the Nations, our covenantal inheritance.

Instill an enlightened view of Jews amongst Christians, Muslims, and others who draw upon our ancient Hebrew legacy.

Advance and evolve Israel as both the historic homeland of our people and the living, historical nexus for enlightened communities around the world.

Gather the most brilliant Jewish minds and talent, to make their gifts available to every single Jewish and religious denomination.

Answer intelligently, with the goal of Truth, any and all spiritual questions, without resorting to formulas, platitudes or superstitions, no matter how revered.

Ethicize, carefully, and intelligently, science and technology, infusing them with core Jewish values and principles, so they are constructive not destructive.

Re-conceptualize and erase the moral ignorance in economic and governmental systems, so they become human, humane and healthy for all Life and Creation.

Transform world culture by restoring the “missing pieces” of Jewish knowledge, due to past ignorance and prejudice.

Assist each and every soul to experience eden-  from the Hebrew for bliss– happy, virtuous, and fully alive– so they can contribute, joyfully and meaningfully, to today’s scientific-secular world culture.

Teach each person, theist, atheist or agnostic, how to integrate spiritually– thoughts, feelings and purpose, so they may validate, by direct spiritual experience, That Oneness and Truth called Adonai Echad, The One Lord.

It is to this task that The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism reaches out… to everyone.

To all good and noble people, we sound the shofar… heralding a new Jewish Enlightenment, to speedily bring about a Golden Age for humankind that is Truth-based, tradition-inspired, in keeping with the wisdom of our ancient prophets and contemporary luminaries.

The time for Enlightened Judaism has come… again.

The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism
an ally in The Alliance for Enlightened Religion

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