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The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism

The rational brilliance of Maimonides. The heart-flame of the luminous Baal Shem Tov. The poetic theology of Abraham Heschel. The existential genius of Martin Buber.  The philosophical purity of Hermann Cohen. The sociological dynamism of Mordecai Kaplan. The revolution, and evolution of Haskalah, 19th century Jewish Enlightenment.

From time to time to time, Judaism takes a leap: an enlightened leap. That sudden inspiration that propels and evolves human knowledge to a new level. A new perspective suddenly dawns– a chiddush or discovery–that seems revolutionary at first, but proves evolutionary in retrospect.

This illumination can happen through any denomination: Orthodox, Reform, Reconstructionist/Renewal, Conservative. This illumination is a spiritual awakening that is beyond the divisiveness of denominationalism.

Moreover, today, quantum leaps in science have led to massive leaps of knowledge and understanding about our universe. This is radically-altering our notions of God, shifting us to a more spiritual perspective, even bringing the role of religion into question. Indeed, this tremendous secular force of science is itself a spiritual awakening of its own kind.

The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism is a teaching organization designed to bring together all this enlightened knowledge.

Enlightened Judaism is not – at all – a denomination. Enlightened Judaism is a spiritual perspective. Enlightened Judaism  is an intellectual and emotional turbo-charger, designed to empower and awaken all the branches on the Jewish “menorah”.

Just as the original enlightenment of the ancient Hebrews inspired Judaism, Christianity, Islam, as well as all ethical nations in our world – The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism seeks to enlighten all good and noble faiths and philosophies, religious or secular.

The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism draws upon insights and inspirations throughout all ages, in a way that is especially relevant for this spiritually-challenging age. Enlightened Judaism can open the minds, hearts and souls of all people.

Let’s restore, revive, and evolve all dimensions of human life, contributing, as Jews have always done, to a World of Peace, Justice, Compassion and Well-Being for all Life and Creation.

Life truly is Holy! Let’s rediscover it. And celebrate!

The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism
an ally in The Alliance for Enlightened Religion

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