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Enlightened Judaism.
The Time has Come… Again.

The rational brilliance of Maimonides. The heart-flame of the luminous Baal Shem Tov. The poetic theology of Abraham Heschel. The existential genius of Martin Buber.  The philosophical purity of Hermann Cohen. The revolution, and evolution of Haskalah, 19th century Jewish Enlightenment.

From time to time to time, Judaism takes a leap: an enlightened leap. That sudden inspiration that propels and evolves human knowledge to a new level. A new perspective suddenly dawns– a chiddush or discovery–that seems revolutionary at first, but proves evolutionary in retrospect.

The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism is a teaching organization that draws upon enlightened insights and inspirations throughout the ages.

We are devoted to opening the minds, hearts and souls of all people,  so they may experience, in a thoroughly contemporary way,  the Holiness of Life.

Life is Holy! Celebrate!

The task of The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism  is to restore, revive, and evolve all dimensions of human life, contributing, as Jews have always done, to a World of Peace, Justice, Compassion and Well-Being for all Life and Creation.

The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism
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