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Jewish Kids Incapable of Learning Judaism

Unless you are orthodox, and follow the halacha as specified, Jewish children are not capable of learning Judaism. That’s because we think of our contemporary kids as being “Jewish”, when in fact, intellectually they are Greek.  We need to find an exciting way to teach children that “jives” with how their intellect is “programmed”, otherwise we will not able able to capture our children’s enthusiasm, intellectually.  There is just so much you can do with cultural conditioning, and kinesthetics, and old-fashioned “Jewish guilt”. Where are the illuminating ideas, and the illuminating teachers we need to spark the imagination of our children?  Why are we so lost in fundraising and Bnei-Mitzvoth, and forgetting that Judaism has something that needs to be learned, and carried on?  A purpose?  I’m calling for an awakening of our kids!! A new enlightened approach to teaching.

What do you think?

Judaism is in Shambles

Right now contemporary Judaism is in shambles. I believe it is because the foundational prophetic experience of “God” is missing. Without this enlightened foundation, it is impossible to have a kind of “transcendental schemata” for governing how we approach God-based education and devotional creativity.

What do you think?

Blog Ideas

Reclaim Dignity of Judaism

It’s time to reclaim the dignity of Judaism. In this era, when doctors are telling people to avoid red meat, seafood, and especially pork— because it is placing people’s hearts in jeopardy–  one cannot fail to see that our ancient people, however primitive, were truly enlightened.  We need to reclaim that. But, how?

What do you think?

Foreign Occupation

We are all, every religion, is suffering from the “foreign occupation” of Greco-Roman culture— “Greco” which created a norm for the intellect, and “Roman”, with considerable ethical modification, including democracy, created a norm for world-governance. Yet, we religions need to hear our voice in this secular sea. We need to stop being beleaguered islands.

This is especially true for Judaism, who, unlike all the other ancient nations, refused Roman governance, defiantly.

Can our voice be heard again, as a World View?  Or, will be always be a backwater tribe?

What do you think?

Reform Enlightenment

The Reform Enlightenment, the Haskalah, was a totally successful movement that allowed Jews to leave their self-inflicted and other-inflected ghetto’s and take up full participation in the modern world. 

It also rationally-invigorated the entire spectrum of Jewish-thought, and created all the modern movements within Judaism, whether reform, modern-orthodox, conservative, or reconstructionism.  However, the movement has topped out, and there is a terrible retrograde, where we are losing enlightened thinking. We need to go to the next stage, not a modern enlightenment but a post-modern enlightenment.  I’m welcoming ideas here.

What do you think?

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