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What is Enlightened?

The Torah– The Five Books of Moses– Chumash in Hebrew, Pentateuch in Greek– states, right from the first chapter, that all human beings, male and female, are both created In the Image and Likeness of God.

That living process by which we learn to how to discover God’s Reflection in us, is what The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism means by the word spirituality.

To become aware of this spiritual process, so we may use these gifts for the benefit of our lives, the lives of others, and All Life and Creation, is what we mean by the word enlightened.

The more we draw upon the luminous legacy of the People of Israel, the more we expand and fulfill our covenant al responsibility as a Light Unto the Nations, the more enlightened spirituality expresses Jewish Enlightenment.

Seeking Jewish Enlightenment means the seeking of a Truth-based and tradition-inspired integration of our covenant al purpose and klal with the wider human community, increasingly global, scientific and secular.

In this task, we consider the practical, bare-minimum, common ground for this task to be the Ethical Monotheism that was the call-to-action of 19th century haskalah, Jewish Enlightenment, which inspired all the different variations of contemporary Jewish life and dramatically-changed the world religious landscape.

The goal of The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism is revive this Enlightenment, evolve it, and extend it to all Jews, of all denominations, as well as all good and noble religions throughout the world.

In so doing, we pray: May we will bring Light to the meaning of Israel, our People, our Nation, our Religion. May we will bring Light to the world’s many peoples, who, in their own way, identify with Israel’s great historical task as their own.

The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism hears and heeds both an ancient and contemporary call, still-inspired and achingly-beautiful:

One God.

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